Spring Hill Civic Center

The Spring Hill Civic Center is located at 401 N. Madison St.

SPRING HILL — The next breakfast in the Miami County Legislative Breakfast Series is scheduled for 7 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 25, at the Spring Hill Civic Center Event Space, located at 401 N. Madison St. in Spring Hill.

Sponsors are Crown Realty and First Option Bank.

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The next breakfast in the Miami County Legislative Breakfast Series is scheduled for

7 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 25

Spring Hill Civic Center Event Space

401 N. Madison St. Spring Hill.

Senator Cindy Holscher (D) (SD8) is planning to participate in the panel -


Cindy is not afraid of voters' questions and unlike Tyson, Poetter and Baumgardner, she quotes facts, figures and bill numbers in her statements and responses. It was SO refreshing to have her at the Louisburg breakfast to counter the half-truths and distortions that Sen Caryn Tyson and Rep Samantha Poetter Parshall put out. (Sen. Molly Baumgardner was in Topeka both weeks but did not attend either the Louisburg nor Osawatomie breakfasts.)

Several of us have expressed multiple times to the sponsors and legislators that the current format which does not allow questions from the floor does not serve the community and has caused a noticeable decline in attendance at the breakfasts. Senator Holscher participates in community meetings YEAR-ROUND and regularly takes questions directly from voters WITHOUT being filtered through the moderator.

Just one of the bad bills this week - Sen Tyson just sponsored an amendment to SB 208 to remove ALL ballot drop boxes in Kansas. Baumgardner and most of her fellow Republicans voted in support of it also.

02/22/2023 Senate - Committee of the Whole - Amendment by Senator Tyson was adopted -

On roll call the vote was: Yea - (22):

Alley, Baumgardner, Billinger, Blasi, Claeys, Erickson, Fagg, Gossage, Kerschen, Kloos, Masterson, O'Shea, Olson, Peck, Petersen, Shallenburger, Steffen, Straub, Thompson, Tyson, Warren, Wilborn

Nay - (16):

Bowers, Corson, Dietrich, Doll, Faust-Goudeau, Francisco, Haley, Holland, Holscher, Longbine, McGinn, Pettey, Pittman, Reddi, Ryckman, Sykes

What do you think of THAT???

PLEASE JOIN US at Spring Hill this Saturday. We need to make it crystal clear to certain of these legislators that they are elected to represent US, not their corporate owners.

See you Saturday morning!

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