OSAWATOMIE – The fifth annual Border War BBQ competition in Osawatomie took place without a hitch Oct. 28 and 29 in John Brown Memorial Park.

This year’s Grand Champions were the Pork Pullers who ended the competition with a total of 699.4284 points. They were followed by the Reserve Grand Champions, Dirt Road BBQ, who ended with a total of 698.8456.

Competitors were challenged in a number of areas including chicken, ribs, pork and brisket, and they were given the opportunity to compete in the main overall competition as well as a Booze B Que contest, a Hair of the Dog contest, a Kids Q Juniors contest and a Kids Q Teens contest.

Results of the Border War competition are as follows (from first place to last place).

  • Main Overall: Pork Pullers, 699.4284; Dirt Road BBQ, 698.8456; Fergolicious BBQ, 697.6688; Hi i Que, 695.9200; Smoke Freaks, 692.5028; Railyard BBQ, 691.3712; The Smoking Hills, 691.3484; Sublime BBQ, 690.7772; Slap’s BBQ, 690.2168; Tebo Creek BBQ, 689.6688; Getting’ Sauced, 689.6456; Pitt Smokers, 689.0744; KC Smoke Dawgs, 685.6228; Rub My Rack, 685.1200; Baldin’ Smokin’ Banditos, 683.9200; Social Smokers BBQ, 683.3600; TheSlabs.com, 682.7428; Pellet Envy, 682.7312; Lazy Bacon BBQ, 682.2288; 12th Street Pit Bosses, 677.6116; Swipe Right BBQ, 677.0512; Man Meat BBQ, 675.8856; Boxer Q BBQ, 675.4060; Brown Street BBQ, 674.7312; Skunk River BBQ, 674.1712; Quality in Smoke, 672.5256; Big Al and the Boys, 666.2176; Drum Daddy BBQ, 661.2116; Smokey and the Brisket, 661.0172; Parts R Smokin, 658.7772; Makin’ Bacon, 651.8740; Puttin’ It In Your Mouth BBQ, 648.5144; Show-Me Your Rack BBQ, 648.4344; I.B.M. (I Burnt Mine), 646.1256; Pine Tar Q, 643.3712; Beer Belly BBQ, 642.7544; Royal Smoke, 637.7144; Rolling Coals Bbq, 633.5540; Two Guys and a Smoker – Butler MO, 626.1716; Good Ole Boys & Gals, 620.5372; Devil’s Hog BBQ, 606.0688; 5 Alarm Fire, 603.7940; Backwoods Hog Breath, 583.7592; Kickin’ Back BBQ, 555.8056; Glazed & Confused, 487.3372, Smokeville, 174.2628.
  • Booze B Que: Devil’s Hog BBQ with a total of 178.2858 points; Rub My Rack, 174.2858; Two Guys and a Smoker, 170.2858; Beer Belly BBQ, 166.2858; Kickin’ Back BBQ, 165.7144; 5 Alarm Fire, 165.1430; Royal Smoke, 165.1428; Big Al and the Boys; 164.0000; Social Smokers BBQ, 162.8570; Quality in Smoke; 162.2856; Brown Street BBQ, 151.4282; Baldin’ Smokin’ Banditos, 149.7140.
  • Hair of the Dog: Brown Street BBQ, 54.8592; 5 Alarm Fire, 49.1447; Show-Me Your Rack BBQ, 49.1447; Social Smokers BBQ, 48.0018; Kickin’ Back BBQ, 46.8589; Devil’s Hog BBQ, 45.7160; Royal Smoke, 45.7160; Smoke Freaks, 38.8586.
  • Kids Q Juniors: Charlotte Blair, age 6, from Show-Me Your Rack BBQ, 174.8572; Nathan Baird, 7, Railyard BBQ, 170.2856; Lily Bowman, 7, Railyard BBQ, 167.4284; Garron Stevenson, 5, Big Al and the Boys, 160.0002; Gemma Dobosenski, 5, Rub My Rack, 158.8572.
  • Kids Q Teens: Elizabeth Stookey, 15, Kickin’ Back BBQ, 170.2858; Jaxon Stevenson, 9, Big Al and the Boys, 169.1432; Zoey Dobosenski, 9, Rub My Rack, 168.0002; Max Manske, 10, Drum Daddy BBQ, 165.7144; Noah James, 11, Smoke Freaks, 164.0004.

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