The Derailers

The Derailers is a good old country band from Austin, Texas, that is also a bit out of this world.


The band formed by Brian Hofeldt and Tony Villanueva in 1993 had performed at The Grand Ole Opry, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and the U.S. President’s Inaugural Ball. Buck Owens asked them to play at his 70th birthday party.

The Derailers had a song played back to Earth from the first iPod taken into space by astronaut Dr. Stephen K. Robinson.

They are a bit science fiction as well, having appeared as characters in two Stephen King books.

Owens was a major influence on the band. He performed with them in “Play Me the Waltz of the Angels” featured on the “Full Western Dress” album and was honored by the band in their tribute album “Under the Influence of Buck.”

The Derailers have toured across the United States, Europe and Japan. The Derailers, celebrating 26 years in country music, are scheduled to appear for the Paola Roots Festival’s 30th anniversary, taking the stage at 5:10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24.

Brian Hofeldt plays guitar and sings for the band. The band features Bracken Hale on bass and vocals, Basil McJagger on piano, organ and vocals and Travis Woodard on drums.

The Derailers have released eight studio albums, two live records and a retrospective collection of songs.

One of their hits, “Cryin’ Time,” is a twangy, old-time country song. Other hit songs include “Big in Vegas,” “Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass,” “Bar Exam,” “Genuine,” “More of Your Love,” “Just One More Time,” “I’m Still Missing You,” and “Hey Valerie.”

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