PAOLA — Elephants on Parade was a challenge accepted by members of the Saturday Sewers, who had their own exhibition for the annual Miami County Quilters’ Guild Drag and Brag Quilt Show.

The show drew hundreds of visitors to Paola Middle School on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 28-29.

It was a dry place for quilt admirers to escape from the rain on Saturday and a cool place to get out of the sun and steam on Sunday.

Oh Holy Night was a quilt featuring a nativity scene. The quilt was made and quilted by Ruth Flaudung.

Tea Time was a quilt featuring a teapot, cup and saucers, hand-quilted by Elaine Elliott. The large quilt of teapots, cups and saucers was five boxes wide and seven deep. It featured a black and pink border.

The Kansas City Chiefs were represented as well with a Go Chiefs quilt made by Angela Niepmann.

Kansas Sunflowers and Barns was the name of a captivating quilt made by Joyce Geiger, featuring a window frame with a field of sunflowers in front, an old barn in the background and a cloudy Kansas sky.

Rather Late Than Never Butterfly Quilt was a gorgeous butterfly quilt made by Rita Wobker.

“I called it Better Late Than Never Butterfly Quilt because I have had the blocks appliqued for probably 30 years,” Wobker said. “In 2016, there was a picture in the paper of a quilt from the show. I decided that was how I wanted to do this quilt.”

Nancy Hart Kline made a wicked Halloween quilt that stood out from across the room. It featured a scary Halloween scene looking through a window.

“I used this glow-in-the-dark Halloween panel to make a ‘window’ and then quilted with glow-in-the-dark (with black light) thread,” Kline said.

The 2019 Miami County Quilters’ Guild Drag and Brag Quilt Show ribbon winners were:

Large Pieced Quilts

First: Latimer Farms, made by Theresa Pritchard, quilted by Beth Dawson; Second: Alethea Parscale; Third: Kathy Trimmer

Medium Piece Quilt

First: Becolorful, made by Janna Renner, quilted by Donna Overbay; Second: Kathy Havelka; Third: Marilyn Gray

Small Pieced Quilts

First: Diamond Log Cabin, made by Laura Davids, quilted by Davids; Second: Verna Garrett: Third: Pam Pearson

Large Appliqued Quilts

First: Alaska Wilderness, made by Janna Renner, quilted by Verna Garrett; Second: Jackie McLean; Third: Rita Wobker

Small Appliqued Quilts

First: Hen Party, made by Kathy Scott, quilted by Scott; Second: Shasta Reynolds; Third: Cindy Wilbur

Baby Quilts

First: Noah’s Ark Quilt, made by Loree Gardner; Second: Beth Dawson: Third: Janna Renner

Miniature Quilts

First: Dresden Flowers, made by Ibby Burgin, quilted by Burgin; Second: Pat Noel; Third: Laura Davids

Art Quilt Other

First: made by Wilma Stainbrook, quilted by Jeane Nickel; Second: Jenna Renner; Third: Nancy Hart Kline

Art Original Quilt

First: Geri Harlow; Second: Cindy Wilbur: Third: Karen Kiss

New Quilter Quilts

First: Twisted Bargello, made by Darlene Hadsell, quilted by Hadsell; Second: Marsha Schultz; Third: Susan Scott

Viewer’s Choice

First: Alaska Wilderness, made by Janna Renner, quilted by Verna Garrett; Second: Jackie McLean; Third: Theresa Pritchard

Member’s Choice

First: Alaska Wilderness, made by Janna Renner, quilted by Verna Garrett; Second: Jenna Renner; Third: Jackie McLean

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