Paola American Legion

Paola American Legion

PAOLA — Members of the Paola American Legion Auxiliary of Miami Unit No. 156 are making their annual plea for donations for veterans early this year.

Veterans are able to select Christmas gifts for their families at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Medical Center in Leavenworth, and the Christmas Gift Shop will be open Dec. 2-5.

The medical center emphasizes that blankets, towels, billfolds and watches are great items to donate, as many veterans do not know the exact sizes of the people for whom they are shopping. It is also asked that heavy or breakable items not be donated because those items can’t be shipped, according to a news release.

Gifts must be new, current and seasonal-style merchandise appropriate for Christmas gifts. Those making donations are asked to strive for quality instead of quantity and to not wrap the gifts. Price tags can be removed, but sizes should remain attached to items. Sizes should also be placed on handmade items.

Price totals should be included with the contributions to the Auxiliary, as they must be submitted to the medical center, according to the release.

The deadline to have the items to the American Legion at 5 Delaware St. in Paola is Friday, Oct. 18. Donations may be taken to the Legion on Friday evenings.

For more information, or to arrange pickup of items, call Terrie Strausbaugh, veterans gift chairman, at (913) 731-7707.

Monetary contributions are needed to help defray the cost of postage, purchase wrapping paper and getting additional gifts when the supply runs out. Checks may be made to the American Legion Auxiliary, with them earmarked for “Christmas Gift Shop.”

In addition to the actual gift items, gift bags are also needed. The bags are easier than having to wrap presents, according to the release.

Donations of cookies, some sugar-free, are also requested for veterans to enjoy while they wait to shop.

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