Osawatomie and other Kansas communities were founded by agents and investors in the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company, later renamed “the New England Emigrant Aid Society” on Oct. 22, 1854, to work to prevent the spread of slavery into the new territories of the western United States, and t…

Wins, wins and more wins. When I ask people, “Who are the greatest coaches?” I hear astonishing win-loss records. Or I hear about a coach who has been at a tradition-rich school.

Building and maintaining great sports teams begins in the junior high school. Examining powerful high school football teams demonstrate strong affiliation with local little league and junior high school sports programs. These sub-varsity sport programs are the life blood of successful high s…

Last week, Jaydon Blue from Klein Cain High School made the announcement on Twitter he is skipping his senior season to focus on academics and play for the University of Texas in 2022. He helped the Hurricanes to an 8-3 season in 2020. He rushed for 2,155 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Mr. Carl D. Ingle is retiring from his teaching position at Osawatomie High School after 53 years of educating and inspiring students to learn not only about history, but also wisdom for how to live a productive life.

Miami County is uniquely positioned to draw cultural tourists from not only the Kansas City/Johnson County area, but from all over the world. This is in part due to Miami County’s close proximity to the Kansas City/Johnson County area, but also due to Miami County’s nationally and internatio…

At this time of the year, we see lots of head football positions become a revolving door. Most of the time a coach is fired because of their won-loss record or a coach leaves because of discontentment. Who oversees hiring of the head football coach?

There are many losses and indignities that come with aging, not the least of which is the medical professional’s response: “What do you expect at your age?” I have found some gains, too, and one of those is clear memory of events long past.

Renown sportswriter Brice Cherry wrote about Kim Mulkey departing Baylor for LSU as head women’s basketball coach. The caption of his article was “Mulkey warrants gratitude, not attitude, from Baylor fans” and I agree. Should a coach be criticized for leaving an institution on their own free will?

John Brown believed in the equality of all people in the eyes of God and practiced his belief by having friendships with people of all races, and standing up against racism and slavery.

I was reunited with an old friend last week. The reunion had not been planned. Instead, it was quite accidental, prompted by a rule in our house.