Slaveholders in both the North and South, as well as racists in both the North and South, were sometimes outnumbered in population by African Americans in their communities in antebellum and after the Civil War, yet they were able to effectively suppress the civil rights and marginalize Afri…

The president is smack-dab in the middle of impeachment politics. Suddenly, he orders a bold but perilous military action. His defenders vehemently argue that petty politics is getting in the way of his exercising his hugely important duties as commander in chief.

I thought I’d explored the entire map of Miami County; that I’d crisscrossed every gravel road from Jingo to Stanton and up through Hillsdale and Louisburg.

Every New Year’s Eve, millions of Americans resolve to make their life better. Whether that includes getting healthier, becoming wealthier, or striving for a work-life balance, these resolutions often don’t go any further than thoughts in our minds.

OK, zoomers: Here is your trigger warning. What was the name of Roy Rogers' horse? The answer is Trigger. You were warned.

There’s a pattern of ebb and flow in our lives and even in our cities. This week, at the end and the beginning of years, seems a good time to consider that.

I don't know if they take attendance in schools anymore. Maybe surveillance cameras, facial recognition and all the other high-tech intrusions make it unnecessary, but back in the day, the teacher would always start out with the roll call. You were expected to announce "here" when your name …

The Rev. Samuel Adair and Florella Brown Adair were but a few of the ordinary individuals who emigrated to Kansas Territory with quiet, firm courage and dedication to the abolitionist cause. They settled in Miami County and made a choice to stay put.

Charles Darwin outlined in his book, Voyage of the Beagle, how an English guide and five Argentinian gauchos led him to a certain celebrated tree in the valley of the Rio Negro. This tree was known to locals by the name, Walleechu.