The latest propaganda spin on gun control is that the NRA does not serve the gun owners but the gun manufacturers. It is a blatant attempt to discredit the motive of the NRA to make its efforts look mercenary.

Obama seemingly can never simply be “for” something. He almost reflexively overreaches to demonize whatever is opposite of what he is for. Instead of simply advocating his nanny-state utopia, he fought the “war on women.” The Republican Congressmen were his “enemies.” His campaign painted Romney as an “out-of-touch” robber-baron shyster.

Now those who don’t support his “common sense” controls on guns must not have common sense. His political machine is now tainting those who resist more infringements as “gun nuts.”

These labels are particularly troubling because the country seems to be conceding the mentally ill should not have guns. The danger in that is who gets to decide who is “mentally ill?”

The guy who shot the students at Sandy Hook was mildly autistic. Autism is now a violence-provoking condition? What about paranoia? If a woman wants to defend herself from her ex with a gun, is she paranoid – and therefore mentally ill?

Will soldiers who suffer from post traumatic syndrome soon be labeled mentally ill? What about those on anti-depressants, those who are obsessive compulsive, those with attention deficit disorder?

Where does this end? With women suffering from postpartum or are going through menopause? With religious “kooks” who believe the Armageddon is coming and retreat to some commune?

Under this new push to ferret out all the mentally ill people, all we have to do is marginalize a group and brand them as kooks, nuts, crazy, terrorists, etc. to confiscate their guns. Going to a psychiatrist to recover from a childhood trauma may become proof that someone is certifiably crazy.

Anger management classes could be evidence we are hot heads who can’t be trusted with a gun. Those who have ever done drugs might be out of their right minds. Fat people usually eat to accompany an emotion, don’t they? So are they emotionally unstable?

The dragnet set out for the mentally ill is a slippery slope. Someday it could include those who enjoy shooting Bambi and eating him. Hunters could be painted as carnivores, dripping in blood, terrorizing Mother Earth’s innocent animals.

Eric Holder (of “Fast and Furious” fame) once said he wanted to disrepute gun ownership in the same way cigarette smoking is currently held in disregard. He hoped society itself would shun people who enjoyed guns. The media has jumped in to help him with his crusade. The AR 15 is now an “assault, military-styled” rifle. Last I checked, the civilian AR 15 is only semi-automatic, unlike the military rifles, which can be fully automatic.

Despite Holder’s campaign, the only thing “well regulated” in the second amendment is the militia – not our arms. So far, the Supreme Court agrees keeping and bearing arms is our individual right. For those who don’t think the second amendment is to protect us from our own government, Kent State, Waco, Texas, and Ruby Ridge stand to testify to the contrary.

Some argue if the second amendment really is about protecting us against tyranny, then we would need the same nukes and drones as the government has. Not necessarily. We would be murderers to nuke all of Washington. But when we shoot those coming through our door, it is self-defense.

But, no worries. We’ll never have to resort to that because I’m sure by then the ACLU will have jumped in and defended the liberty of gun owners. I’ll hold my breath.

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Na Twan

Why do we need guns?

Justin Manning

What I've learned from your article: if someone on the opposing side says anything it is propoganda and is in no way valid or truthful.

You gave no answer in the piece. There is no rebuttal to any of the opposing point of view other than straw-man fallacies. Attacking a point of view as invalid is not having a point of view and this did nothing to move forward the conversation. It's paragraphs full of fallacies and partisan talking points.

I'm pro-gun. I'm pro-safety. I'm not sure what should be done but doing nothing isn't the answer. Answers are welcome from either side of the aisle.

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