Move over “Wonder Woman 1984,” Liam Neeson’s newest action film, “The Marksman (Marksman)” has taken the number one slot at theaters and will soon be available on streaming channels.

In “Marksman,” Neeson portrays a former Marine who is attempting to be a rancher near an Arizona border town.

He rescues a young boy held by a Mexican drug cartel and from there the action begins.

But it is what “Marksman” represents that is disconcerting to Neeson fans.

In tandem with the “Marksman” release, Neeson has announced that he will retire after he completes his last few movie commitments.

That includes a three-movie obligation. That’s it? Only three more Neeson movies?!

“Marksman” is Neeson’s 109th film. He has made more movies than Clint Eastwood.

Neeson came to America from Ireland in 1977 and became a citizen in 2009. His first film was “Pilgrim’s Progress” in which he played Jesus Christ. That was in 1978. He was just 26 years old.

It is hard to guess what films Neeson will be best remembered for as he moves into retirement.

However, I will remember his film “Rob Roy” as my favorite Neeson film. It has heart. It has courage.

He also gave memorable performances in both “Schindler’s List,” and “Les Misérables.”

However, it is Neeson’s performance in the medium-budget film, “Next of Kin,” that I can’t shake from my memory. Neeson had a minor role in it as the owner of a “den” of snakes which he released upon gangsters sent to kill him and his kin.

“Live long and prosper” Liam Neeson.

Jo Laney-Branine is a Louisburg resident who has written movie reviews for multiple newspapers.

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