Liam Neeson has forged a tough-guy persona through his “shoot-em up” action films. Neeson’s latest such film is “Honest Thief (Thief).” Neeson plays a semi-bad guy, Tom Carter, who tries to become a good guy after he meets the love of his life.

Tom has been a bank robber for the last 10 years. It was a good living. And robbing was virtually no problem for him. He would just go into a small-town bank. Rob it. Go out of the bank. A smile on his face and money in hand. In fact, he was dubbed the “In-and-Out Bandit.”

But, then he meets and falls in love with Annie Sumpter (Kate Walsh). And he wants to change his life for her to the point of turning himself over to the authorities. He thought he would serve his time and then he and Annie would live happily ever after when he got out.

Well, that clearly didn’t happen. First of all, he didn’t actually tell Annie that he was a bank robber. Instead, he went directly to the FBI. He was thinking: “Make a Deal.” Once he had the deal, he would tell Annie.

He was assigned two FBI agents. They required him to bring them any stolen money he still had. Unfortunately, the two agents were far less than honest. They took the money for themselves and tried to kill Tom.

To get to Tom, the crooked agents go after Annie. We now have a gun-toting Tom in a shooting mood and chaos driving the action. I give this film a go-see rating.

Jo Laney-Branine is a Louisburg resident who has written movie reviews for multiple newspapers.

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