OMG! “Promising Young Woman,” now showing at theaters, is a disquieting film with a cause. And it is steeped in a realness that is scary.

Initially, we meet Cassie (Carry Mulligan), who seems devious, immoral and calculating. And indeed, she is calculating and devious, but not immoral. She is on a crusade to punish those who have caused her friend, Nina, to kill herself after being assaulted.

The film starts with Cassie, dressed as a cheap hooker, meeting with her first “victim.” At this point, we do not have the backstory and have no idea of Cassie’s underlying motives. Nor do we have any idea the depth of revenge Cassie is willing to enact.

During the first 20 minutes of the movie, I felt I was sitting in a low-budget, need-to-leave film. And I seriously thought about it, but found myself intrigued to see where the storyline went.

What I didn’t understand was the extreme and unyielding level that Cassie was willing to endure to accomplish and complete her vengeance even unto her own death, if required. However, in the midst of her revenge plan, Cassie fell in love with a college student named Ryan Cooper (Bo Burnham).

Her focus softened. And just as her life had new meaning, she was given a video of Nina’s attack. The audience does not see the attack, just Cassie’s distraught expression. She was crushed — Ryan was one of the assailants.

Her feeling of betrayal turns to a stronger, more intense need for reprisal. The ending is completely unexpected. Completely shocking. This film is truly for those who savor dark, quirky films.

Jo Laney-Branine is a Louisburg resident who has written movie reviews for multiple newspapers.

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