Months before “Tenet” and “Unhinged” hit theaters and COVID-19 had not become “a thing” looming over us, Hollywood was banking that both films would bring millions into theaters upon release.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Both “Tenet” and “Unhinged” have performed badly by hundreds of thousands of dollars due to COVID theater closures. Hollywood now is looking to see how its latest film, “The Wolf of Snow Hollow” (Wolf) will fare with the reopening of theaters. “Wolf” opens this week.

Jim Cummings, the writer and director of “Wolf,” has imbedded a sense of real fear, with a capital F, into his script. If you are a horror film buff, then “Wolf” is for you. It is a Doozy! Scary! Scary! And I’m saying that from seeing “Wolf’s” trailers.

In the trailers, we find Robert Forster (“Breaking Bad”) as John Marshall, the sheriff of a small mountain town that is suddenly faced with grizzly deaths of citizens after each full moon. It appears that this film has all the chilling, horror-ridden elements, along with a strong dose of terror added in, to keep you on the edge of your seat. Especially the battle between Marshall and the devil-like Werewolf.

Sadly, Forster passed away a short time after filming “Wolf” from brain cancer. He had been battling brain cancer for a while, but he did not allow the pain to stop him from delivering a notable performance. How could I say that without seeing the film? His performance has garnered an Oscar nomination.

My question to myself is: “am I really prepared to see this film?” We’ll see.

Jo Laney-Branine is a Louisburg resident who has written movie reviews for multiple newspapers.

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