This Thanksgiving’s movie season is filled with family-friendly films such as “2 Hearts.”

“2 Hearts” is a love story. But, not completely in the traditional sense. It focuses on two couples: Chris and Sam and Jorge and Leslie. The essence of the film centers on how the journey of their lives intersect and the impact it makes.

In what manner that intersection relates to the lives of the couples is not initially made clear. At the end, we see their journeys fulfilled and we are left with a sense of love and miracles. The film is based on a true story. Take a handkerchief.

My streaming-TV movie choice is “Deepwater Horizon (DwH).” “DwH” is the true story of the explosion of the largest offshore drilling rig constructed in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s set 41 miles off the coast of Louisiana.

The British Petroleum (BP) Company was leasing it. In early 2010, BP’s on-site personnel ignored warnings that there was a problem with the drilling of a new well.

In April of 2010, the well exploded with “fire and brimstone,” and within a short time, the entire massive rig began to sink.

Crew members were jumping for their lives into the burning waters from the burning rig. Eleven crew members were killed. Seventeen were injured. And 130 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf, killing an unmeasurable amount of sea life and plants.

BP’s total costs to date for reclamation of that accident has reached 70 BILLION Dollars (Bloomburg Businessweek). DwH is still the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history.

Jo Laney-Branine is a Louisburg resident who has written movie reviews for multiple newspapers.

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