Dear Editor,

Croplands, woodlands, pasture, rural residential, agricultural and general rolling hills — a description of

Golden, Kansas’ topography.

In a deliberation meeting on whether to allow incorporation of the city of Golden, Miami County Commissioner Chair Rob Roberts stated with pride October 13th: “That is pretty much what the heart of Miami County is and has been for 160 years.” But yet he and two other commissioners shot it down. Shame on you, Rob Roberts, for denying residents in one area of the county this luxury — this benefit of living in Miami County! What is fair about that? Shame on you, Commissioner Phil Dixon. Shame on you, Commissioner George Pretz.

You see, incorporating as a city is the one and only defense available to residents to protect this area from the encroachment of warehouse/industrial development. Due diligence was done, factors from the state of Kansas were addressed, a vast majority of residents in this area supported it (80% approval rate), it was acknowledged by county leaders that this was the only solution to protect ourselves from unwanted industrial development but, still, three of the commissioners rejected it. A unanimous vote was required to incorporate. There was only one approving voice on the commission, Tyler Vaughan’s. Incidentally, Commissioner Danny Gallagher recused himself from the decision. He would have likely been the fourth one to deny approval.

It’s heartbreaking to me, personally, and all supporters in Golden, but it should trouble anyone in Miami County to see that only one of the county commissioners actually listens and takes to heart their constituents’ needs and opinions.

We are still Golden! And we will continue to fight for our right to protect our properties.

Ann Campbell


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