Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Many of the politicians in the United States of America are cowards.

This past weekend, as many of us gathered to remember the men and women who fought in wars to defend our country, there were many citizens who gathered in Uvalde, Texas, to remember the children and teachers who fought to stay alive. They planned family gatherings for funerals instead of family gatherings for fun. They chose the clothes that their children would be buried in instead of clothes that their children would wear to festivities. They chose hymns that will be sung to remember their dead children instead of songs to remember the war dead. And while we took pictures of our children celebrating the end of the school year and the Memorial Day weekend, the parents and families of the murdered children and teachers were selecting photos to be displayed at the funerals of their children and mothers this week.

I wonder how the politicians who continually support the gun lobbyists and the agendas of the gun industries can live with themselves. When the politicians extend their hands to this industry to accept the pieces of silver for their campaign coffers, how do the politicians sleep at night knowing that their inactions and indifferences to their constituents has greatly contributed to these mass murders?

As a member of a family that owns guns, we, along with 89-90 percent of the American public, want background checks when people choose to purchase a gun, yet the indentured politicians won’t even talk about or consider legislation due to their allegiance to the gun industry and not to their constituents who they supposedly serve.

Many politicians expressed shock and disbelief that another incident like this could happen again and immediately they expressed that “their thoughts and prayers” were with the victim’s families. Maybe the politicians should have “thought” more about how their choices to accept the money from the gun industries in exchange for doing nothing would affect the American public. I believe the politicians’ “prayers” are not for the victims but for themselves — praying that the public will forget the latest mass murder and move on. Once again, the politicians will blame others for what happened, and they will refuse to publicly discuss their contribution and indifference to the gun crisis.

We, the constituents of this county, state and country, have the opportunity to vote this summer, and I would encourage each voter to take the time to learn about the people you will vote for. Educate yourselves about the party platforms and where each politician stands on the issues. If you don’t understand something they support, ask them. We need representatives that are willing to answer our questions and to talk to one another and work together to make the changes needed.

We don’t need cowards. We need a change.

Carol Nistler


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