Dear Editor,

I have been a resident of Louisburg for 35 years. I was very disappointed to read in The Miami County Republic about the action or, rather, inaction by the Louisburg City Council in failing to require the wearing of masks in public places in the city.

It was sad that the motion of Councilman Harris that would have required the wearing of masks died for lack of second. It appeared from the article that the council members agree that masks should be worn in public places, and, in fact, they wear them in public out of respect and for the protection of others. Isn’t that the point? Wearing a mask probably doesn’t protect the person wearing one, but it is for the protection of the merchants’ employees and customers.

Many major retail establishments now require that their employees and customers wear masks. The employees at our local Price Chopper wear masks, and I often express my appreciation to them individually, while wearing my mask, of course.

This is not a constitutional issue. It’s an issue of common sense and to protect our citizens. You have the right to inhale all of the Covid-19 virus you want, just don’t spread it to others. Most people who live in Louisburg work in Johnson or Jackson counties. Even though Miami County is not a “hot spot,” those counties are.

Those who spoke in favor of the mask requirement made excellent points, which the council chose to ignore. I won’t repeat the arguments here. As elected officials it is incumbent upon you to do the right thing, even if it may not be the most popular thing. It is time now for the Louisburg City Council to do the right thing.

For the protection of myself and my family I will not be shopping in Louisburg unless masks are required by the City Council or by individual merchants. I can easily drive to Walmart or Price Chopper in Paola, where masks are required.

David L. Miller


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