Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I received my first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. As a patient facing healthcare worker I am honored to be in the first group to be offered the vaccine. I have been eagerly awaiting this opportunity to once again help my fellow humans.

I brought my boys with me to bear witness to this incredible moment and my hope is that when these boys become men they have an idea of the sacrifice healthcare workers here and around the world are making once again for the general population.

We will be here to care for you - always, and we will show you it is safe and effective as best the science has shown us so far. You know, sometimes we just take a leap of faith. Science has done the best it can and our researchers will continue to follow results where ever the results lead them. We need to trust the process and know that in this moment this is the best tool we have for the job.

My plea to those of you in the general population is to absolutely get vaccinated. Get vaccinated so that I can hug my grandmother again (she gives THE best hugs). Get vaccinated so my children can touch their grandmother again, so they can have playdates again, so we can travel again — I still need to celebrate my 10-year wedding anniversary.

Get vaccinated to save a life of someone you know — and countless others you don’t. Get vaccinated because you despise masks. When it’s your turn to get vaccinated, do it. We have all no doubt asked of ourselves or out loud, “When does all this end, how does it end?” Vaccination is that missing hammer from our tool box against this deadly virus. Please utilize the most sophisticated vaccine ever developed by the smartest scientists and researchers around the world funded partly by the United States government.

I said it in my speech to the county commissioners in November and I’ll say it again. This is my generation’s opportunity to be the next great generation. We have already lived through countless terrorist attacks and school shootings, war, two recessions and a pandemic, with climate change a constant and our next barrier to prosperity. It is, in my opinion, your patriotic duty to be vaccinated. Let’s do what we can with the information and tools we have.

P.S. 24 hours after inoculation I’m feeling well, although I continue to have soreness at the injection site. I had a headache and fatigue as well that have subsided and look forward to my second shot at the end of January.

Haley Hammar


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