Dear parents/guardians of Louisburg High School students,

I thought I could do it, but I can’t. This hurts to admit, but I give up.

I wanted to send each of you an email individually about how great your students were doing this year. I wanted to send these before we ended our first month of school, but I couldn’t. I wanted to at least get them out by the end of this school week, but it’s just not possible.

Why is it impossible? What is the problem? Is it because I’m too busy with grading and lesson planning? Well, those things do take time, but that’s not the primary reason you won’t be receiving the personalized message that I had intended to send.

Here’s the “problem”: I have too many great students doing too many great things.

I want to be able to send each of you your own personal report about how I’m inspired when I see your student try and try again, even when it’s not his favorite subject.

I want to have a 1-on-1 conversation about how your daughter has made the new student sitting next to her feel comfortable in a new school, which has caused the new student to gain confidence in both classwork and social situations. Now the new student is joining clubs and teams here at LHS. I think your daughter is a big reason for that.

I want to personally thank you for raising a student who has the patience and grace to help this “old dog” learn some new tricks with technology as we try to accommodate those who can’t be in the building (but they sure wish like heck that they could be here).

I want to send the biggest bouquet of balloons, candies, and cards to all of you that are raising students that will drop everything they are doing to help a classmate, teacher, secretary, custodian, para, kitchen worker, counselor, nurse, bus driver, resource officer, crossing guard, and everyone else that helps make this school and community so awesome.

I want to call you and tell you that your sons and daughters are helping me see the greatness in people again. They are causing me to get goosebumps in the middle of my work day because of what they’re doing to better themselves and others. They are giving us visual learners living and moving examples of what resilience is...

But I can’t.

Not by the end of the day today, anyway.

So for now, I hope this group message will do.

I will get to all of you individually one of these days. I will. I promise. But for now, please know that one of the students gracing us with their greatness is your daughter. One of the students making a difference in the lives of so many is your son. I hope they are proud of themselves. I hope you are proud of them.

When I reach a rough patch in the school year, I hope I remember how I felt when I posted this. I wish I could bottle this up and share it. I wish all of you could see what I get to see every day. Our administration, teachers, and staff are giving their absolute best. Why? Because you and your kids deserve the absolute best.




Jarrod Worthington

Mathematics Instructor

Louisburg High School

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