Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This is a different view regarding last week’s editorial.

President Trump did shut down travel between China and the United States in February. Nancy Pelosi thought that was a terrible decision at the time, two months later she was criticizing Trump for not shutting down sooner.

President Trump immediately had Ford Motor Company making ventilators for hospitals. He also set up portable military hospitals to keep hospitals from being overrun by Covid patients. Mr. Trump also shut the country down for several months to help stop the spread.

Trump put all drug companies on high alert to develop a vaccine. He made money available to drug companies so they could work at a high speed. The vaccine is now in the final phase to be approved and distributed immediately. Kind of odd the media announced the vaccine a few days after election.

It was mentioned in last week’s editorial Trump could have stopped the virus in a couple of weeks but did not say how. I think if someone knew how to stop the virus they should have come forward before November.

As for Laura Kelly having the guts to make a mask mandate, I saw her picture in the paper twice since she made the mandate, neither time was she wearing a mask. Pretty easy to have guts if you are not going to follow the mandate.

I don’t believe the governor who does not follow her own mandate and three commissioners should decide we are all going to wear a mask. A lot of science studies indicate wearing a mask does provide protection, but some studies indicate wearing a mask does not help and in some cases is detrimental.

Blaming the Trump administration for COVID-19 is a little bit like blaming Orville Wright for anyone injured or killed in an airplane, or blaming Henry Ford for a car wreck. We are a free country, not a dictatorship under Laura Kelly rule.

I would ask the commissioners to rethink their vote on the mask mandate.

Here are a few facts you might want to write down for future reference: $1.87 gallon of gas, 29,937 stock market, 0 wars or conflicts the U.S. is involved in, No. 1 ranking of U.S. military vs. other nations, $11.42 for a bushel of beans.

Check the money in an IRA for later reference. Check your tax rate.

The safest and cheapest food prices in the world are in the USA. There has been a 12 percent reduction of carbon since the Obama administration. The taxes on owning a gun are zero dollars.

John Nichols

La Cygne

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