Dear Editor,

I’m tired. But I’m not going to stand down nor can I be silent during this incredibly dangerous period in our nation’s history.

I’m tired of those dividing us on fringe issues, knowing full well we agree on our basic needs — safety, affordable health care, quality public education, infrastructure, economic opportunities.

I’m tired of radio pundits sowing division concealed in populism, who are in reality supporting the objectives of the obscenely wealthy.

I’m tired of Fox talking heads falling all over themselves to justify what decent people know to be untrue.

I’m tired of being automatically labelled as pro-choice and anti-gun, by people who have no idea of my nuanced perspective on these issues.

I’m tired of the president saying and doing things that we would not tolerate in our children.

I’m tired of Republican legislators who — by their silence — condone the hateful, divisive comments the current president spews.

I’m tired of these same legislators portraying themselves as ‘moderates’ who return to do their wealthy donors’ bidding, at the expense of their hard-working voters.

I’m tired of the constant distractions from the most critical issue facing our planet. If we do not act immediately to stop global heating, all other issues will be rendered irrelevant by a lifeform collapse not seen for millennia.

I’m tired of nasty mailers, accusing non-Republican candidates of all manner of factually unsupported and blatantly untrue things.

I’m tired of the ‘both sides do it’ argument continually promoted by Republican apologists. Democratic politicians take pains to make factual statements. Republicans respect no such standard; they happily distort challengers’ statements and positions. Why? Because negativity works, and winning elections is all that matters — for them, facts are irrelevant.

I’m tired of the silence and implicit consent of community leaders whose interests are served by the fact-free assertions of their hip-pocket politicians.

I’m tired of hearing “My vote won’t make a difference.”

I’m especially tired of the unwillingness of clergy to call out the lies and distortions emanating from the oval and other offices. Men and women of the cloth, you know better.

Friends, neighbors, fellow Americans we can do better. We MUST do better.

Take time to consider that the nastiness in our mailboxes and social media is just that, nastiness. Take the time to evaluate the positions AND voting history of all candidates. CALL THEM, ASK their positions on issues and thoughtfully CONSIDER their responses.

The founders of this country warned us to guard against the tyranny of oligarchs who would continually assault this republic; they’d seen it before.

To those who vote straight ticket because your family leaned Democratic or Republican, consider — the party of your parents is NOT the party of today. Today’s Democratic platform is almost identical to that of moderate 1970s Republicans. Today’s Republican platform has no comprehensive social plan; it serves only to block good public policy and bow to their corporate masters’ every directive.

We stand on the precipice. We, the voiceless cannot ignore the threat the obscenely wealthy owners of the majority party present to us all, whether we are comfortable or struggling. If this nation is to survive and our children to have opportunity for the peace and freedoms that we enjoy now, WE must put partisanship aside, restore sanity to governing bodies and stem the assault on the democratic process.


VOTE early, in person or by absentee ballot. HELP OTHERS exercise their right to VOTE. By all means, VOTE. Don’t squander what could be your last opportunity.

Rick Blumhorst


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