Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Happy New Year? Here it is, a brand new year! 2020 brought us the pandemic flu, with its afflictions, and MANY adjustments to the way we live and relate and work.

We were forced to deal with a dangerous new flu virus, and in truth, we have been remarkably effective. Minds were set to work devising various ways to deal with a formidable foe that, in spite of all efforts, took many lives.

However, I believe it could have been much worse. Methods and vaccines were developed that will surely save many lives and ultimately defeat this problem. We do have reason to believe that 2021 will be a happier year in some ways!

But there is another troublesome and serious problem that up to now has mortally afflicted more than 60 million very young, healthy and totally innocent folks.

And, in spite of the evidence, the seriousness of the problem is not being recognized, there’s no great outcry, and it is even ignored by many of God’s people too.

Since 1973, when our laws were changed to allow a pregnancy to be terminated by the mother for any reason, the victims of this termination were dismembered, some before dying, in this incredibly brutal process that some call “health care?” (read abortion).

Some of the remains were used for scientific testing, some even sold for big money, and all else just tossed in the trash or flushed onto the sewer system; rather like the residue from some terrible disease! Can you believe this is even happening in the USA?

The God of the Bible knows this is wrong! Scripture (Proverbs 6:16-19) says God “hates the shedding of innocent blood.” My “gut” tells me that He would expect the people of His creation to hate it TOO, just because of what it does; it ends a human life! Even hate it enough to speak out loudly against it.

He would likely also expect some (with their special talents) to make an effort to change the law(s) to end it! At the very least, He would expect his followers and representatives (preachers and ministers) to speak out against it loud and often, as well as pray about it regularly!

My proposal is that we, His followers, and anyone else whose conscience tells them it is just a WRONG practice, pray daily in 2021 for the victims and perpetrators of this barbaric process called abortion, in our land and around the world.

Pray for those who lose their life, of course, but also for the mother-to-be, who ordered it done, that she might choose, instead, to listen to the little heartbeat with an ultrasound test. And we must also pray for the misguided doctors who do this procedure, in spite of their Hippocratic Oath, and pray they would change their heart and choose to save life instead of take it!

Finally, we must pray for a change of their hearts so that the legislators who make and change our laws to protect us from harm will find a lawful way to end, forever, “Abortion on Demand” in our land! Please consider joining me in this prayerful effort in 2021.

Robert Hodge


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