Dear Editor,

Representative Roger Marshall will apparently announce at the State Fair his intention to seek the Republican Party nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Representative Marshall was just elected three years ago, trusted by First District Republicans to make a difference in Washington. Due to the retirement of many U.S. House Republicans, Representative Marshall is in a position to assume valued leadership in the House.

Kansans will be best served by his continuing to lead conservative values in the U.S. House where many socialists are poised to fill these leadership spots. Please don’t leave. Sometimes it’s better to do what’s best for the greater good. You say you’re following in Sen. Bob Dole’s footsteps. Remember he served many years in the House before becoming our senator.

As a conservative Republican, I appreciate service. I recently listened to Marshall’s bold assertions that only someone from the Big First can win the U.S. Senate seat and that no other Republican candidates can beat his $1.2 million dollar campaign war chest.

What I didn’t hear was the humility I expect and need from true leaders. He says Kansans have had “no greater champion” than him. To me this kind of language reflects a special kind of arrogance.

Where will his ambition lead Kansans? Does he think of where those of us who will continue to live in KANSAS will be when his ambition reduces conservative values in the state legislature, just because he has authorized good Republicans to depart from their state legislative service to take Marshall’s vacancy in the BIG First?

These are good conservatives who have served well in the Kansas Legislature, but I wonder why Marshall is fine with leaving Kansas in the hands of Laura Kelly to join Mitch McConnell in Washington. I’m pretty sure Mitch McConnell has priorities in the U.S. Senate, but what about Kansas?

Representative Marshall is already serving Washington and Trump in the U.S. House. Kansas Republicans have real choices of good candidates like Dave Lindstrom. There is no shortage of electable Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate.

Representative Marshall is not required to abandon his job in the U.S. House in order to save Kansas. I fear it is ambition — not a driving passion to save Kansas — that is at the heart of this decision.

Please do the job you were elected to do.

Sandra K. Hartley


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