Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to read “‘Promising Young Woman’ is dark and full of vengeance” written by Jo Laney-Branine.

It seems to me Ms. Laney-Branine missed the point. The movie highlights all the ways in which society looks the other way when women are preyed upon, harassed and disrespected based on their sex.

Did she really note she thought the lead character dressed like a hooker? Hello? The movie is designed to show elements of consent: including the fact it doesn’t matter how a woman is dressed — that she isn’t asking for it simply because others think she may be dressed like a hooker. (Also, by the way, the first scene where she’s with a would-be attacker: she’s dressed in business casual attire.)

It’s a real bummer Ms. Laney-Branine’s piece served as a spoiler alert but left out the entire point of the movie. Cassandra’s character is trying to make men think twice before assaulting incapacitated women incapable of consent. The movie, which fits in the “revenge” genre, made a point. Yes, it was dark, but it also had humor and some really creative foreshadowing imagery. (Ms. Laney-Branine, did you notice the saint-like posing of the lead character in the coffee shop? Seemed to be creative foreshadowing that she’d be a martyr for her cause. My Paola-native friend pointed that out to me.)

I really hope that review didn’t discourage others from seeing the film. Many news outlets gave it rave reviews.

Virginia L. Jarmer

Kansas City, Mo.

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