Members of Chapter DQ, P.E.O. met at the home of Mari Tetwiler on Tuesday, Jan. 12.

Lila Holler presided at the business meeting and also served as co-hostess.

Kitty Knecht gave a report on plans for the new student center at Cottey College in Nevada, Mo. It will be part of an update to the existing chapel and will utilize 5,000 square feet in the lower level with two patios adjoining.

It will be named in honor of a P.E.O. member in Washington D.C. who is a successful business leader and author as well as the founder of an institute for the development of women leaders. Kitty also discussed the Kansas Cottey Scholarship.

Mari gave the program “Hello 2020” since January begins a new decade. Four thousand years ago, the new year was celebrated in March, but Caesar changed the beginning to January. In 1740, John Wesley used a January worship service to focus on religious promises. Gradually, those evolved into our New Year’s resolutions for personal improvement. Statistics show that most last an average of only 17 days.

She then speculated about the resolution each of the founders of P.E.O. would have made in January 1869. Based on information in a new book about the lives of these aspiring young women students at Iowa Wesleyan College, she offered these possible resolutions of the seven founders: Don’t give up; Follow your heart; Be proud; Care about those who are away; Support education; Fellowship; Love one another.

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