Miami County Time Capsule

Miami County Time Capsule is compiled by Paul Branson, Sr., utilizing newspaper archives that date back more than 150 years.

100 Years Ago (1921)

The Farmers Cooperative association of the south part of the county has completed its new elevator at Fontana and has it in operation. It is the most complete small elevator in eastern Kansas and cost the association about $17,000. It has the capacity of 11,000 bushels of grain. At the request of the directors of the association, Robert Shelby of Paola went there Monday and inspected the elevator and pronounced it first class in every particular.


The Commercial Hotel of Paola has again changed hands. The new proprietor is John W. McCray, of Geneva, Ind., who purchased the lease and fixtures from Mrs. Lucy E. Jackson. Mrs. Jackson made a grand success of the hotel business in Paola. She came here three years ago and purchased the LaClede Hotel and last March purchased the Commercial Hotel. Mrs. Jackson yet owns the LaClede hotel here and her sister, Mrs. A. E. Freeze, will continue to manage it for her. The LaClede Hotel will run on the European plan.


Automobiles have brought such a change that when the roads were blocked Saturday some families living within easy driving distance of Paola found that all the buggies and spring wagons about the place had been discarded and they had no way to get to town without making the trip afoot or on horseback. Because of heavy roads there were few people in town Saturday.

75 years ago (1946)

Thirty years ago a young married couple moved into a brand new house in Paola. The rent was twelve and a half dollars a month. Last week this same house rented for $60, spelled S-I-X-T-Y. Now, do you believe that there is inflation?


L. L. and Jack Rhea, owners of the Rhea Motor Co., 121 South Silver, have been appointed dealers in this territory for Kaiser-Frazier motor cars. These are the new motor sensation and are being made in the Kaiser-Frazier factory that started operation immediately after V-J day.


Cornelius Construction Co., owned and operated by L. E. Cornelius, is busy in other towns as well locally. In Paola the company is completing the building for Tom Crawford Motors and the one for the Paola Butter Co. It has the contract for the huge Braemoor factory building. Mr. Cornelius also is to build a building for a motor company in Hillsboro, the Ford agency at Pleasanton and the Chevrolet agency at Osawatomie.


Work preparatory to paving US 169 between Garnett and the intersection with K7 two miles south of Osawatomie will start in a few weeks. The curves will be lessened and the right-of-way widened. This stretch will be concrete. It will be the short route from points south of Garnett to Kansas City.

50 Years Ago (1971)

A new bulk fertilizer plant has been constructed at the Fontana Coop, a branch of the Miami County Coop. With the addition of the bulk fertilizer outlet, the Fontana Coop has a complete service of feed, grain and fertilizer for patrons in the southeast section of the county. Albert Eastwood, manager of Fontana Coop, said the building will hold 360 tons of fertilizer.


Robert Burge, promoter of “Satellite City,” which he hopes to establish about 5 miles south of Louisburg in the area of the Gale Easton Charolais ranch, was principal speaker at the noon luncheon of the Paola Rotary Club Thursday. Burge said that he hoped to have the land committed for his new town within the next two or three weeks. He stressed that his plans for the new community included young, middle aged and old people. “I don’t want a city of 20,000 young people or old people. I want a balance of each.”

25 Years Ago (1996)

A perfect game is something few bowlers get to witness and even fewer get to claim. Those watching the lines a Countryside Lanes this month, however have had two chances to watch Osawatomie men mark the magic number 300 at the end of their score sheets. Within eight days of each other, Rob Collins scored his first 300 game and Dennis Davey earned his second one while taking part in league bowling. The excitement for Davey matched his feelings of more than 10 years ago when he rolled a 300 at the now-closed Trojan Lanes in Osawatomie.


Mike Hursey, manager of the Paola Wal-Mart store has his own super-bowl style ring. The Paola store was named store of the Year for the region. The title and the ring goes to the store with the top overall production — sales, promotions and community involvement. Karen Blanck, assistant manager, flew to Birmingham to give a presentation and to accept an honor. The regional vice president named Blanck the “Best assistant in the company.”

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