Miami County Time Capsule

Miami County Time Capsule is compiled by Paul Branson, Sr., utilizing newspaper archives that date back more than 150 years.

100 Years Ago (1921)

Another institution that means much for Paola is the Farmers Union Co-operative store, or rather stores, for there are several stores in one. The big grocery store is one of the most complete and cleanest to be found anywhere. The egg and poultry business done at the store is immense. The cream buying station is also a busy place. Then there is the implement store and the stock of staple dry goods and clothing, all practically under one roof. An additional enterprise is the elevator. The Farmers’ store attracts many people to Paola.


Philip Hayne and Harry Yeater of Paola have invented an automatic machine for plastering houses. It plasters by machinery instead the old slow process by trowel. It is the first practical machine ever invented. It is a hydraulic arrangement operated with either gasoline or electric power. By placing it in a room it slowly raises the plastering material up the walls and spreads it without labor to the operator. The inventors applied for a patent some time ago and received such favorable report that they expect to commence the manufacture of the machines in the near future.


Wednesday Mayor Kelly appointed Frank Koehler special motorcycle policeman. The city has a motorcycle, which has been in storage ever since it was confiscated a couple of years ago. The duty of the motorcycle policeman will be to catch speeders and noisy cutout fiends. Special Officer Koehler is already on the job.


T. B. Gowing of Fontana, Kansas, this week, started a truck line from Louisburg to Kansas City and is hauling freight from Kansas City and livestock to the stockyards. Mr. Gowing will make three trips a week for the merchants and will haul livestock to the market any day. He has a Ford truck and when business justifies will put on a larger truck.

75 Years ago (1946)

A. F. McLachlin sold his drug store on the north side of the square to Raymond E. Miller and Donald McCullough. Mr. McCullough will be in charge of the store which will be known as McCullough’s Drug Store. Mr. McLachlin, a successful lumberman, bought the store July 9, 1929 and developed the drug store into a most complete and successful one. Mr. McCullough was with the Humphrey drug store several years before entering the service.


Douglas Brothers will open their new store in their new building on West Peoria street Saturday. Plans are to have a complete line of nationally advertised furniture and appliances. The store was closed during the war because of the scarcity of materials. Now manufacturers are back in production. John F. Jennings, Jr., will be manager of the store.


Wednesday the A. K. Stremmel store was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. William Frank. The deal was completed in a few minutes. Price was agreed upon, payment in full was made, Mr. Stremmel turned over the keys and the new owners were in charge. Alex Stremmel has operated the store 25 years, having purchased from the late Sol Winethroub. Mr. and Mrs. Frank have been anxious to get into a Paola enterprise since they sold their oil business a few months ago. They are well known all over Miami County.


Concrete for the floors of the huge Braemoor factory building will be laid by Monday night. Roof is on the building. It is expected the building will be ready for occupancy by July 1. The building will house three garment factories, Braemoor, Teen Modes and Smart Matron. It is expected the force of workers will be increased from 150 to 200 when the new building is utilized.

50 Years Ago (1971)

If you are stuck with an abundance of six cent stamps, you’ll just have to use them with two cent stamps, as the postal rates that went into effect Sunday raised the postage for first class to 8c per ounce. Air mail is now 11c and postal cards 6c.


Kaiser Furniture has new glass doors and one show window section has new glass. It has been a major overhaul, but it is a great improvement. The glass installation was made by Jack’s Glass Shop of Osawatomie. Jack is one of the best glass men in the area.

25 Years Ago (1996)

The officers of Osawatomie Elks Lodge No. 921 attended the annual convention of the Kansas State Elks Association in Wichita and competed in the state ritual contest. The Osawatomie lodge was judged to be the best in the state and will represent Kansas at the national convention in Las Vegas, Nev. Judged all-state were Chuck Light, exaulted ruler, Eric Schindler, esquire, Donnie McReynolds, chaplain and Brian Masoner, inner guard. Other members of the team are Mark Schull, loyal knight, Brian Vail, leading knight, Lewis Sanders, lecturing knight, and Brad Thompson, tyler.


A Nevada, Mo., couple recently opened a movie rental business in Osawatomie. Kirk and Vicki Davisson open Movie Mart at 551 Main. St. The Osawatomie store opened with about 3,460 movies on the shelves. Video games such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Sega also are available for rent.


Two men recently joined the staff of Pemco Inc. and its subsidiary, Carrothers Construction Co., Inc. of Paola. Michael J. Morrand joined Pemco as executive vice president. Lyle K. Larson has returned to Pemco and is working for its subsidiary, Carrothers Construction.

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