4-H members and leaders from 13 4-H Clubs across Miami County celebrated at the 2012 Achievement Night program Oct. 20. Awards were presented to members and leaders in recognition of the 4-H work they did during the last year. The program was attended by more than 200 people and was held in Building No. 2 at the Miami County Fairgrounds. 4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. Citizens State Bank sponsored the Membership Pins for 2011-2012.

To find out more about 4-H, call (913) 294-4306.

The following is a listing of the evening’s awards.

Members receiving Pin Awards:

Cloverbuds: Erin Apple, Nate Apple, Megan Benne, Aiden Laubenstein, Dana Mattison, Jessica Miller, Emma Chambers, Hayley Grandon, Quincy Allison, Devon Gainer, Madyson Smotherman, Anna Kane, Jayden Kubec, Ashley Ward, Laudan Wilson, Melody Davis, Alana Bollinger, Kelly Eastwood, Shaelynn Hazeleus, Mathilde Newell, Lakin Wakeman, Keagan Sinclair.

Membership: Grace Kinaman, Grady Barbour, Chase Kallevig, Anna Laubenstein, Connor Lee, Catie Lemke, Sam Miller, Evan Murphy, Isaiah Price, Erin Avenaim, Kaitlyn Butler, Treston Carson, Alyssa Miller, Jessica Miller, Noah Miller, Cloe Neely, Angela Roschevitz, Brianna Shippy, Josie Worrell, Andrea Gaza, Nathan Miller, Ryan Whitham, Shaylor Whitham, Grant Boehm, Devin Elliott, Emily Hood, Nathan Seaman, Brandon Stone, Brooke Harris, Wyatt Love, Lauren Brinkman, Peyton Sherron, Alexander Ure, Jordan West.

Bronze: Anne Baltzell, Gemma Downey, Kody Hendrickson, Alexia McCullison, Caleb McCullison, Megan Foote, Davis Guetterman, Weston Guetterman, Sidney Wilson, Delaney Wright, Grace Young, Callie McCurdy, Nikki McCurdy, Kyra Uphoff, Nick Wright, Destiny Ferguson, Jeremiah Folsom, Robert Folsom, Jane Russell, Derek Simpson, Christian Dunmeyer, Jersey Dunmeyer, Cael Sinclair, Camren Sinclair, Katie Sinclair, Atticus Sondy.

Clover: Stratton Baltzell, Thomas Stribling III, Olivia Beets, Alex Miller, Donald Thompson, Bell Worrell, John Hart, Sarah Nolte, Alyssa Sherron, Emma Ure, Isabelle Ure, Aaron Maxwell.

Emerald: Eileen Benne, Ian Combs, Riley Kallevig, Tanner Lee, Erin Lemke, Kaitlyn Gaza, Katie Seaman, Krista Haley, Levi Bruns, Christa Deines, Rowan West, Adrienne Maxwell, Chancie Minden, Cooper Minden.

Silver: Peter Downey, Nick Beets, Jodi Clearwater, Olivia Finestead, James Foote, Jarrodd Miller, Ben Wright, Madelynn Yalowitz, Isaac Dubois, Josh Tegarden, Alison Davids, Tessa Davids, Daelan West.

Silver Guard: Trevor Jones, Chad Kinaman, Emily Wright, Elizabeth Dubois, Colton Wagner.

Leadership: Katlyn Hendrickson, Noah Beets, Jacob Benne, Makenzie Kallevig, Cale Schneider, Mercedes Jo Smith, Morgan Laudan, Samantha Wagner.

Gold: Benjamin Downey, Natalie Eppler, Katie Jones, Dalton Hilt, Megan Lemke, Cate Stambaugh, Tera Brandt.

Gold Guard: Rebecca Downey, Kyle Henderickson, Hannah Kinaman, Amie Schroeder, Lauren Wood, Andrew Benne, Bennett Fisher, Niccole Miller, Addie Bruns.

Member Achievement: Faith Johnson, Taylor Serafin, Kaitlynn Combs, Bailey Hart, John Stambaugh, Ronnie Sullivan.

I Dare You Award: Noah Beets, Andrew Benne, Cate Stambaugh, Rylan Laudan.

Key Awards: Faith Johnson, Taylor Serafin, Kaitlynn Combs, Bailey Hart, Audrey Diehm, Sarah Brend, Rylan Laudan, Addison Bruns.


Names listed first received first place in each project.

Beef: Mercedes Smith, Katie Seaman.

Citizenship: Addie Bruns, Faith Johnson.

Clothing: Alison Davids, Niccole Miller, Cate Stambaugh, Jersey Dunmeyer, Jordan West.

Dog Care: Madelynn Yalowitz, Christa Deines, Emily Wright.

Electric: Kyra Uphoff.

Entomology: Christian Dunmeyer.

Family Studies: Cate Stambaugh.

Fiber Arts: Tessa Davids, Alison Davids.

Foods/Nutrition: Jarrodd Miller, Emma Ure, Christian Dunmeyer, Daelan West, Jersey Dunmeyer, Sarah Nolte.

Forestry: Grace Young.

Geology: Krista Haley.

Goats, Meat: Addie Bruns, Katlyn Hendrickson, Grace Young, Nathan Seaman, Levi Bruns.

Health & Wellness: Andrew Benne, Lauren Wood.

Home Environment: Cate Stambaugh.

Leadership: John Stambaugh, Faith Johnson, Addie Bruns.

Performing Arts: Cate Stambaugh, Courtney Lee.

Photography: Kyra Uphoff, Tera Brandt, Christian Dunmeyer.

Plant Science: Grace Young.

Poultry: Alison Davids, Tessa Davids, Madelynn Yalowitz, Atticus Sondy, Connor Hecke, Logan Hecke, Christa Deines.

Rabbits: Madelynn Yalowitz, Addie Bruns, Colton Wagner, Lauren Brinkman, Christa Deines.

Reading: Jarrodd Miller.

Self-determined: Samantha Wagner.

Sheep: Kody Hendrickson, Faith Johnson, Emily Wright, Elizabeth Dubois.

Shooting Sports: Destiny Ferguson, Christian Dunmeyer.

Space Tech: Ben Wright.

Swine: Rylan Laudan, Katlyn Hendrickson, Grace Young, Bell Worrell, Isaac Dubois, Morgan Laudan.

Visual Arts: Christa Deines, Kyra Uphoff, Jersey Dunmeyer, Christian Dunmeyer.

Wildlife & Fishing: Grace Young, Emma Ure.

Wood Science: Tessa Davids, Alison Davids.

Club Historian’s Book: Kennedy McMullin and Chancie Minden, Madison Duncan.

Club Reporter’s Book: Sarah Nolte.

Club Secretary’s Book: Morgan Laudan, Amie Schroeder.

Club Treasurer’s Book: Hannah Kinaman, Josh Tegarden, Cooper Minden.

Other Awards

Ambassadors: Noah Beets, *Andrew Benne, *Kaitlynn Combs, Tess Davids, *Audrey Diehm, *Bailey Hart, *Aubrey Hills, Kyle Hendrickson, Morgan Laudan, *Rylan Laudan, *Niccole Miller, *Mercedes Smith, Cate Stambaugh, *John Stambaugh, *Ronnie Sullivan.

*more than one year as Ambassador

Ambassador Advisers: Pat Diehm, Darla Miller, Dara Stambaugh.

Perfect Attendance: Benjamin Downey, Gemma Downey, Peter Downey, Rebecca Downey, Caleb McCullison, Lauren Wood, Olivia Beets, Noah Beets, Andrew Benne, Eileen Benne, James Foote, Megan Foote, Sam Miller, Sam Chambers, Ashley Feris, Caleb Rhine, Erin Avenaim, Kaitlyn Butler, Treston Carlson, *Devon Gainer, Alyssa Miller, Jessie Miller, Noah Miller, Cloe Neely, Angela Roschevitz, *Madyson Smotherman, Elizabeth Stookey, Briann Shippy, Josie Worrell, Christian Durbin, Kaitlyn Gaza, Taylor King, Jessica Petric, Nick Wright, Destiny Ferguson, Katie Seaman, Nathan Seaman, Tera Brandt, Josh Tegarden, Sarah Nolte, Jessica Yeater.

* indicates Cloverbud


Club Window Display: First, Trailblazers; Second, Twin Valley; Third: Explorers.

Poster, Beginner Division: First: Murraye Nolte and Jordan West.

Poster, Junior Division: First: Atticus Sondy; Second: Alexia McCullison.

Poster, Intermediate Division: First: Sarah Nolte and Daelan West; Second: Lauren Brinkman.

Poster, Senior Division: First: Mercedes Smith.


Citizenship: Explorers.

Community Service: Busy Beavers, Shooting Sports.

Health: Progressive.

Recreation: Explorers


Family and Consumer Sciences Judging, Intermediate: Alison Davids, Jarrodd Miller.

Family and Consumer Sciences Judging, Senior: Tessa Davids, Niccole Miller, Cate Stambaugh, John Stambaugh.

Poultry Judging, Intermediate: Alison Davids, Peter Downey, Connor Hecke, Calvin Lackey.

Poultry Judging, Senior: Hannah Allcorn, Tessa Davids, Benjamin Downey, Rebecca Downey.

Horticulture Judging: Noah Beets, Stratton Baltzell.

Photography Judging: Rylee Bergh.

State Style Revue: Andrew Benne, Kaitlynn Combs, Niccole Miller, Cate Stambaugh, John Stambaugh.

Ag Challenge of Champion: Faith Johnson.

Livestock Judging: Addie Bruns, Ted Chambers, Kyle Hendrickson, Rylan Laudan.

Meats Judging: Kaylee Hill, Natalie Hill, Faith Johnson, Rylan Laudan.

Livestock Sweepstakes: Addie Bruns, Ted Chambers, Kyle Hendrickson, Kaylee Hill, Natalie Hill, Faith Johnson, Rylan Laudan.

Livestock Skillathon: Kaylee Hill, Natalie Hill, Faith Johnson, Rylan Laudan.

Livestock Quiz Bowl: Ted Chambers, Kaylee Hill, Natalie Hill, Faith Johnson, Rylan Laudan.

Dog Conference Contests: Leeanna Burton, Calvin Lackey, Maggie Lackey, Emily Wright.

Horse Panorama: Kaitlynn Combs.

2012 State Record Book Winners: Kaitlyn Combs, Health & Wellness; Kyle Hendrickson, Swine.


2012 State Scholarship Winners: Ronni Hart, Ronnie Sullivan.

2012 Balentine Scholarship: Aubrey Hills, Ronnie Sullivan.

Coffman Leadership Scholarship: Aubrey Hills, Ronnie Sullivan.

KAD Scholarship: Aubrey Hilt.

2012 4-H Foundation Senior Scholarships: Bridget Downey, Aubrey Hills, Aubrey Hilt, Shayla McElyea, Ronnie Sullivan.

Club Seal Awards: Purple Seal: Busy Beavers, Explorers, Mound Builders, Pathfinders, Progressive, Shooting Sports, Trailblazers; Blue Seal: Solid Rock, Red Seal: Franklin, Hillsdale Hustlers.

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