TOPKEA — The Frontier League continues to press the public versus private school debate with the Kansas High School Activities Association.

Paola High School Principal Jeff Hines and Louisburg Superintendent Brian Biermann presented a proposal to the KSHSAA board of directors to separate public and private schools in postseason play to help level the playing field for student-athletes.

The petition needed 20 percent of the 355 member schools in order to pass. The Frontier League got 71 schools to sign off on the proposal.

The proposal will be presented to the KSHSAA Board of Directors for a vote during a meeting Wednesday, Sept. 18.

The board of directors would then have to pass it by simple majority of those in attendance to bring the proposal to a vote from all the member schools.

The proposal submitted by the Frontier League is the same one the state of Texas uses that keeps the schools in their same classification, but only separates the schools come postseason.

Other options were discussed before submitting the proposal, such as implementing a multiplier on all private schools like Missouri currently does.

Seventy-four percent of the schools said they would support a population multiplier, 64 percent would support competitive balance factors and 51 percent would support separate divisions.

However, KSHSAA would not be able to make this change with a multiplier due to state statute K.S.A. 72-130 that states a high school association “must establish a system of classification of member high schools according to student attendance.”

KSHSAA would not be able to pass a new bi-law that goes against state statute, and therefore, the Kansas State Legislature would have to reword the statue to allow the association to make those changes.

The Frontier League wanted to see change, so Hines surveyed the 355 member schools late last year and presented his findings to KSHSAA in January.

If the proposal does pass the board of directors, KSHSAA will then put it to a vote with all 355 member schools and it must pass by a simple majority and by four of the six classes.

From there, KSHSAA executive director Bill Faflick would take it to the Kansas Legislature before change could be implemented.

Sports Editor Gene Morris can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or gene.morris@miconews.com.

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