LOUISBURG — The Paola girls and Louisburg girls ran on the same course in a preview of the Class 4A regional later this month.

The Paola Lady Panthers were runner-up in the Louisburg Invitational held at Lewis-Young Park on Thursday, Oct. 9. Louisburg was fourth. Spring Hill won the team title, scoring 39 points.

Paola and Louisburg, returning state qualifying teams, are in the Class 4A regional at Baldwin that features Baldwin, Eudora and Tonganoxie.

Lola Edwards led the Lady Cats on her home course, placing second with a time of 20 minutes and 26 seconds.

Vienna Lahner of Spring Hill placed third. Kate Penhallow of Spring Hill was fourth. Alyssa Anderson of Spring Hill placed fifth.

Tommy O’Leary of Spring Hill won the boys title in 17:52.

Louisburg wss second in the boys meet.

Carson Houchen led the Louisburg boys, placing sixth. Teammates Ryan Rogers and Cade Holtzen were ninth and 10th.

Kael Knittel of Spring Hill placed third in the boys. Hayden Ross of Louisburg was 12th. Braden Stillmaker of Spring Hill placed 14th.

Tanner Petillo of Paola placed 15th. Leo Martin of Louisburg was 16th. Noah Cotter placed 17th for the Wildcats.

Rylan O’Hanlon of Spring Hill placed 19th for Spring Hill. Aiden Smith of Spring Hill was 20th. Gavin Carter of Paola placed 26th. Sammy Downum of Paola was 27th. Sawyer Richardson of Louisburg placed 28th. Brayden Rockers of Paola was 30th. Braeden George of Spring Hill placed 33rd. Matthew Blackie of Paola was 34th.

Mariana Johnson of Paola placed sixth in the girls race. Maddy Rhamy of Louisburg was seventh. Darian Hudgens of Paola placed eighth. Alana Bollinger of Paola was ninth.Hazel Downum of Paola was 11th. Kiana Navratil of Spring Hill placed 13th. Kylie Rogers of Spring Hill was 14th. Claire Brow of Louisburg placed 15th. Molly Murray of Spring Hill was 17th. Shannon Saydee of Spring Hill placed 22nd. Chloe Jones of Paola was 25th. Bree Gassman of Louisburg was 26th place. Nova Ptacek of Louisburg was 28th. Kelsey Igert of Paola placed 29th. Erin Apple of Louisburg was 32nd. Lily Woolsey of Paola placed 33rd.

Braden Branine of Louisburg won the boys junior varsity race with a time of 21:32. Jasmine Hunt of Spring Hill ran a time of 25:03 to win the girls junior varsity race.

Kennady Wilkerson of Louisburg was runner-up in the girls race. Alexis French of Louisburg placed third. Delaney Wieland of Louisburg was fourth. Hailey Hodge of Spring Hill placed fifth.

Griffin Drew of Louisburg was third in the boys race. Landon Henry of Louisburg placed fourth.

Sports Editor Gene Morris can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or gene.morris@miconews.com.

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