LOUISBURG — The state-ranked Lady Cat volleyball team dominated at home, sweeping Tonganoxie in three straight sets.

Louisburg won the Frontier League match by scores of 25-10, 25-9 and 25-12 on Thursday, Oct. 1.

Emma Prettyman opened the first set with a block and two kills to give Louisburg an early 3-1 lead.

Allie Kennedy had a stuff block at 4-1, a kill at 5-2 and another block at 7-2. She then fired in aces at 10-4 and 13-4.

Adyson Ross had a tip at the net at 14-4. Rinny McMullen had a tip for a point at 15-4. Prettyman had a kill at 19-9. Kennedy had a kill at 20-9.

Chase Kallevig served an ace at 21-9. Kennedy had a kill at 24-10. The Lady Cats went on to take the first set 25-10.

Louisburg fell behind 0-2 in the second set. The Lady Cats came right back on a kill by McMullen and a kill and a block by Prettyman for a 3-2 lead. Alyse Moore served six points in a row to make it 6-2.

Kallevig served an ace at 8-4. Kennedy had a block at 12-4, a tip at the net at 13-6 and a stuff block at 15-6. McMullen had a kill at 17-6 as Kallevig served for her seventh straight point.

Moore had a kill at 20-9. Louisburg won the second set by a final of 25-9.

The Lady Cats were down 0-2 in the third set. Kallevig tied things up at 3-3 with an ace. McMullen had a kill at 4-3. Kallevig served another ace at 6-3. Kennedy had a kill at 7-3.

McMullen made it 8-3 with a kill. She added a tip over the net at 9-4. McMullen served in an ace at 10-4. She served three straight points to make it 12-4.

Alison Prettyman had a kill at 13-5. Kennedy had a kill at 14-6 and served an ace at 15-6. Emma Prettyman had a kill at 18-9.

McMullen had a kill off a Tonganoxie player at 19-10. Kennedy had a stuff block at 20-10. Kallevig served four points in a row to make it 22-10.

Kennedy finished the third set off with a kill at 23-11, a stuff block at 24-11 and an ace at 25-12.

Carleigh Pritchard leads the Lady Cats in kills with 133. McMullen has 100 kills. Moore has 91 kills.

Kallevig leads the team in aces with 29. McMullen had 26 aces. Guetterman had 23 aces.

Pritchard has 31 blocks. Emma Prettyman has 14 blocks. Moore has 12 blocks. Kallevig has a team-leading 165 digs. Moore has 101 digs. McMullen has 71 digs. McMullen leads the team in assists with 272. Guetterman has 91.

Kallevig has received 190 serves. Moore has received 162 serves.

Sports Editor Gene Morris can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or gene.morris@miconews.com.

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