Libby Barnett swims the backstroke on a 200-yard medley relay for the Miami County girls swim team during the home opener Wednesday, March 31.

OSAWATOMIE — The best swimmers in the area are coming together this spring to compete for the Miami County girls swim team.

The Miami County girls swim team is based out of Osawatomie with girls from Paola and Louisburg also joining forces. The team started with Osawatomie and Paola. This is the first season Louisburg has been part of the program.

Thirteen girls are out for the program.

“All of our girls have great potential,” Miami County girls coach Andy Dehdasht said. “We are still working with the girls to put them in the best situation to succeed with the relays this year.”

Relays is one of those things that takes several practices and meets to find the right chemistry, Dehdasht said.

“The coaches play a lot of ‘chess’ when it comes to relays to find the best possible combinations to maximize the team’s potential,” he said.

Clair Brown, Sydney Keaton, Kylee Barnett, Libby Barnett, Ashley Branine, Emma Johnson, Addie Stuebner, Dana Mattison, Abigal Bradley and Brianna Shippy have provided a strong nuclueous for the Miami County girls swim team, Dehdasht said.

Kylee Barnett is an Osawatomie senior. Keaton is a senior from Louisburg.

Brown, Branine, Mattison and Bradley are from Louisburg.

Johnson and Stuebner are from Paola.

Shippy is from Osawatomie.

“I anticipate a lot of great swims from all of our girls this season,” Dehdasht said. “I always look for personal bests for every swimmer over the course of the season.

“Of course, the ultimate goal is to qualify and have consideration times for the state championships and ultimately make it to the second day of the state championships,” he said.


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