Members of the Louisburg boys soccer team, wearing face masks before their home scrimmage Friday, Aug. 28, wave to the fans. The team was scheduled to return to practice Thursday, Sept. 17, after spending two weeks in quarantine because of a positive COVID-19 test.

LOUISBURG — The Louisburg Wildcat soccer team is poised for a return after putting the 2020 season on hold for two weeks because of a positive test for COVID-19.

The Louisburg Wildcats were shut down for two weeks with no practice and no games. The team is scheduled to return to practice Thursday, Sept. 17.

“We had a player test positive after experiencing symptoms,” Louisburg activities director Michael Pickman said. “With active sports, there is the risk of exposure to droplets, which take the time element out of it.

“Between practice and the varsity game played the 48 hours prior to the affected student showing symptoms, it was determined any player who played in Tuesday’s game or participated in Wednesday’s practice with said student could have been exposed to droplets and would need to quarantine.”

The Osawatomie Middle School football team had a player test positive for COVID-19 and was shut down for a two-week quarantine, Osawatomie athletic director Wade Welch said.

The Trojan middle school football team is scheduled to be back to practice soon, resuming its schedule with a game on Sept. 24, Welch said.

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