First Team


Back — Madden Rutherford, Louisburg; Connor Hasz, Paola; Hunter Boone, Prairie View; Braden Bradshaw, Osawatomie

Wide receiver — Dilan Schweer, Prairie View; Zach Knowlton, Spring Hill

Tight end — Gage Klutts, Spring Hill

Line — Clayton Essex, Paola, Mikey Stribling, Paola; Chanz Gerelman, Prairie View; Colby Jones, Osawatomie; Garrett Harding, Louisburg

Multi-purpose — Evan Phillips, Paola


Line — Clayton Essex, Paola; Kaden Fields, Osawatomie; Carson Downes, Spring Hill; Javier Castillo, Paola; Mikey Stribling, Paola; Chase Bloodgood, Prairie View

Linebacker — Evan Peuser, Paola; Hunter Boone, Prairie View; Mikey Stribling, Paola

Defensive back — Evan Phillips, Paola; Connor Hasz, Paola; Dilan Schweer, Prairie View; Dom Scheerer, Spring Hill

Multi-purpose — Wyatt Dickie, Spring Hill

Special Teams

Kicker — Ryan Wokutch, Paola

Punter — Logan Greenhalgh, Spring Hill

Team Captain

Strong Wright, Paola seventh-grader

Second Team


Backs — Garrett Williams, Paola; Ben Weidenmann, Louisburg; Fletcher Aude, Paola; Boyd Cole, Osawatomie

Line — Kaden Fields, Osawatomie; Brayden White, Louisburg; Aron Dominick, Spring Hill; Javier Castillo, Paola

Wide receiver — Weston Guetterman, Louisburg; Daulton Davis, Osawatomie

Tight end — Evan Peuser, Paola

Multi-purpose — Andy Hupp, Louisburg


Line — Garrett Harding, Louisburg; Chanz Gerelman, Prairie View; Colby Jones, Osawatomie; Aron Dominick, Spring Hill

Linebacker — Colton McCammon, Prairie View; Jakob Stovall, Spring Hill; Ethan Wallace, Osawatomie

Defensive back — Garrett Williams, Paola; Daulton Davis, Osawatomie; Hunter Willyard, Spring Hill

Mutli-purpose — Jackson Earlywine, Paola

Special Teams

Kicker — Bear Gardner, Spring Hill; Damien Kline, Prairie View

Punter — Madden Rutherford, Louisburg

Honorable Mention


Back — Justin Scott, Prairie View; Corbyn Meyers, Spring Hill; Otis Jacobs, Prairie View; Zade Barker, Spring Hill

Line — Carter Stanchfield, Paola; Denver Gardner, Spring Hill; Brandon Armstrong, Osawatomie; Toby Wilson, Osawatomie

Wide receiver — Bo Robison, Paola

Tight end — Ethan Wallace, Osawatomie


Line — Brayden White, Louisburg; Aron Dominick, Spring Hill; Mason “Bull” Talcott, Paola; Jake Karr, Paola; Cody Sloan, Osawatomie

Linebacker — Andy Hupp, Louisburg; Jackson Rauenzahn, Spring Hill; Cody Powell, Spring Hill

Defensive back — Boyd Cole, Osawatomie; Otis Jacobs, Prairie View

Special Teams

Kicker — Drake Varns, Louisburg

Punter — Garrett Williams, Paola

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