PAOLA — Jordyn Knecht and Kailyn Younger led the Paola Lady Panther wrestling team to third place in the KSHSAA Girls Division II state tournament.

It was the second straight year the Paola girls program won a third-place trophy.

Knecht, 36-0, placed first at 126 pounds. Younger, 23-2, was the state runner-up at 120 pounds.

Knecht and Younger were first-team selections on the Tri-County Spotlight Girls Wrestling Team.

Knecht won her second straight undefeated state championship. She was 30-0 last season at 120 pounds. Knecht is 66-0 the last two seasons. Knecht was named the Tri-County Spotlight Girls Wrestler of the Year. (See related story)

Younger, a two-time state qualifier, placed second for the second year in a row.

Cheyenne Davis of Spring Hill was a first-team selection at 101 pounds. She placed second in the KSHSAA Girls Division I regional.

Julie Yoder of Spring Hill was named first team at 109 pounds. Yoder placed second in the regional.

Marina Johnson of Paola earned first-team honors at 132 pounds. Johnson, 29-6, placed fifth in the state.

Allie Steinmetz of Spring Hill was first team at 138 pounds. Steinmetz placed fourth in the regional.

Alyssa Page of Prairie View was a first-team selection at 143 pounds. Page, 15-5, placed third in the substate tournament.

Kayleigh Guthrie of Spring Hill made first team at 155 pounds.

Lydia Pierce of Spring Hill was first team at 170 pounds. She was third in regionals.

Lady Panther Americus Harris was named to the first team at 191 pounds. Harris placed fourth in the substate to qualify for state. She was 14-11 on the season.

Whitley Cox-Halliburton of Prairie View was a first-team selection at 235 pounds. Cox-Halliburton placed sixth in the state and was fourth in substate.

Bailey Donahue of Paola was second team at 109 pounds.

Alyssa Anderson of Spring Hill was a second-team selection at 120 pounds. Anderson placed third in the regional.

Lady Bronco Gracie Oppeau made second team at 126 pounds. She placed fifth in the regional.

Nevaeh Tauer of Spring Hill was second team at 132 pounds. Tauer placed fourth in regionals.

Izzy Farris of Spring Hill was named second team at 143 pounds.

Olivia LeBlanc of Spring Hill was second team at 191 pounds.

Tri-County Spotlight Girls Wrestling Team

First Team

Cheyenne Davis, Spring Hill, 101 pounds; Julie Yoder, Spring Hill, 109 pounds; Kaylynn Ottenschneider, Spring Hill, 115 pounds; Kailyn Younger, Paola, 120 pounds; Jordyn Knecht, Paola, 126 pounds; Alyssa Page, Prairie View, 143 pounds; Kayleigh Guthrie, Spring Hill, 155 pounds; Lydia Pierce, Spring Hill, 170 pounds; Americus Harris, Paola, 191 pounds; Whitley Cox-Halliburton, Prairie View, 235 pounds.

Second Team

Macy Michalski, Prairie View, 101 pounds; Bailey Donahue, Paola, 109 pounds; Alyssa Anderson, Spring Hill, 120 pounds; Gracie Oppeau, Spring Hill, 126 pounds; Neveah Tauer, Spring Hill, 132 pounds; Izzy Farris, Spring Hill, 143 pounds; Olivia DeBlanc, Spring Hill, 191 pounds.

Honorable Mention

Bailey Hallas, Louisburg, 109 pounds; Laney Schaffer, Prairie View, 126 pounds; Keela Benedict, Prairie View, 132 pounds; Taryn Mills, Prairie View, 138 pounds.

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