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Eight Nebraska players dismissed their lawsuit against the Big Ten. Content Exchange

Eight Nebraska football players announced Wednesday they have dismissed their lawsuit filed Aug. 27 against the Big Ten Conference. 

The news comes on the same day the conference announced it would attempt to start a football season on Oct. 23-24. The league postponed the season Aug. 11 amid concerns about playing safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

The players' lawsuit sought a reversal from the league on its decision, claiming it harms their career development opportunities and has a direct and significant impact on businesses in Lancaster County and the greater Nebraska area.

However, in a statement released through their attorneys, the players said, "We cannot adequately express the gratitude we feel for the support we have received from Nebraskans and from others throughout the Big Ten Conference. We believe football is something that brings people together. It is immensely important to us that Coach (Scott) Frost never stopped fighting for us. 

"Although he was not part of this lawsuit in any way, we are proud of his efforts inside the Big Ten Conference to advocate for us and our team. We are proud to be in the Big Ten Conference and would like to thank everyone for standing behind us when it wasn't easy." 

The eight players in the lawsuit were Brant Banks, Brig Banks, Garrett Snodgrass, Garrett Nelson, Ethan Piper, Noa Pola-Gates, Alante Brown and Jackson Hannah. They were represented by Mike Flood of Jewell & Collins in Norfolk, as well as Pat Cooper and Mark Laughlin of Fraser Stryker Law Firm in Omaha.

Reaction from the Big Ten's announcement to start a football season in October

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