Osawatomie guard Avery Dempsey splits two Prairie View players to get a steal for the Lady Trojans.

OSAWATOMIE — Four letter-winners are back to lead the Osawatomie Lady Trojans basketball team, including three seasoned guards.

The Lady Trojans return a pair of seniors in Avery Dempsey and Rosalynn Johnson.

Dempsey plays guard. She is quick, sees the floor well and can handle the basketball.

Johnson is a guard and a forward. She can help run the offense and can also post up inside.

Osawatomie also returns junior Claire Hall and Erin Upshaw. Hall plays guard. Upshaw is a forward.

Osawatomie was 20-3 last season, coming one win away from the state tournament.

Twenty-six girls are out for the Osawatomie program, fielding C-team, junior varsity and varsity teams.

Coach Beau Gadwood enters his second season with the Osawatomie Lady Trojans program.

“So far so good on practices,” Gadwood said. “But, good is not what we are striving for. We will need to be able to increase our intensity in practice in order to compete on game nights.”

Osawatomie has to do things the old fashioned way, Gadwood said, with a lot of hard work.

“We need to outwork every team we play,” he said. “We need to be more physical. We need to commit to the process and believe in the never-give-up, never-give-in mindset.”

Execution is the key, Gadwood said. Osawatomie has do the little things in practice to get better every day.

“We need to have a purpose,” Gadwood said. “We need to focus on the process, not goals. We, of course, have goals, but the way we obtain goals is by focusing on the process to achieve them.”

Every team in the Pioneer League is a team to beat, Gadwood said.

“All of the teams in league are the teams to beat,” he said. “We will go into every game like it is the state championship.”

The Pioneer League is a competitive one, featuring programs like Iola, Santa Fe Trail, Prairie View, Anderson County and Burlington.

Sports Editor Gene Morris can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or gene.morris@miconews.com.

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